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Learning can happen everywhere and we want The Self-Love Museum to be one of those places everyone!  With the popularity of social media, it is a necessity to teach self-love in order to combat cyberbullying, body shaming, and depression.  In the immersive experience we infuse inspiration and growth opportunities for our visitors through our displays, but we also take it a step further.  


We can create and host educational workshops for groups, classes/students, or even sports teams. We carefully tailor each session to address preferred topics. Of course, admission to the museum and picture time is built in! 

For a workshop quote, please click the icon below or email us at and let us know your educational needs and how we can help.

Education: Education


  • Children and young people are using social media for longer periods, and using multiple profiles.

  • 46% of young people aged 12-16 feel they’re addicted to their smartphones.

   (Digital Wellbeing 2020, The Cybersmile Foundation)

  • ​Of children currently experiencing a mental health problem, over 2/3 (68%) say they experienced cyberbullying in the last year.​

  • Teachers report that cyberbullying is their #1 safety concern in their classrooms according to a recent Google survey (January 2019)

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